Awareness training through E-learning

As a permanent part of Encis' ISO 27001 certification, all employees do an annual security awareness training. This training was developed in cooperation with MNP Solutions and we have made it available to our customers. If you are not a customer but would like to do the awareness training with and for your employees, you can! 

This training is designed to increase the awareness of information security among employees. They can independent of a location or each other in a fun and interactive way to learn the basics of information security and security. Something that everyone nowadays has to deal with when working with information.

The following topics, among others, are covered:

  • Information security in general
    Cyberattacks such as Phishing, Social engineering, CEO fraud, Vishing, SPAM and Ransomware
    Technical and organizational measures
    The workplace
    Access control
    Working from home


We all see it more and more in the news. Companies or schools that are hacked via a ransomware attack or a Ddos attack. There where a ransom has to be paid to get the data back. Or where all the data ends up on the street.

Unfortunately, the order of the day these days. Among other things, the Covid pandemic has been abused by malicious parties. The number of helpdesk fraud reports has risen by 200%, the data of 500 million guests at the Mariott hotel were stolen earlier, various Dutch providers were faced with a DDos attack, the Hof van Twente was hit by a ransomware attack, data was stolen from the GGD's corona system, and the Pathe biscuit company was hit by CEO fraud.

There are also numerous reports within the SME sector, except that these often do not make the news in a big way.

A good example of this is the hack on a company that monitors networks worldwide, or the Log4j vulnerability that is in use by legion of software.

Encis takes security very seriously. For us, 'being safe' is an everyday occurrence and has become an integral part of everything we do. We like to share our knowledge and expertise with our clients and this E-learning is one of the methods to bring more knowledge to the users when it comes to security.  

When you ask a security expert about the definition of information security, you may get an answer similar to the following definition:

"Information security (IS) is designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer system data from those with malicious intent. Availability, integrity and confidentiality are sometimes called the BIV trinity of information security."

When you read it that way, information security seems like a subject you'd rather not know too much about. And yet, as a company or individual, we must address the implications of information security every day. Whether it's a policy on a website, using a password to log into a cloud environment or a special key to open a door. Information security has become part of our everyday lives

During the e-learning Security Awareness we invite you into the world of information security. This e-learning has been specifically created for Encis customers. We hope it will give you more knowledge so you can make the right choices.

Training content

We offer the training through e-learning. The participant will receive an email with a link to the training. The training consists of 5 chapters, with a number of knowledge questions at the end of each chapter. At the end of the e-learning there is a test and the participant receives a digital certificate.

The e-learning takes about 30 minutes and can be done when it suits the participant best. Our advice is to follow the training in a quiet place where you cannot be disturbed.


All participants receive a certificate after participating in the training. We also provide a report containing all results of the participants.


This training has been specifically designed for Encis customers. The training costs 35 euro per participant excluding VAT. For Encis customers, there is a 20% discount, making the price 28 euro excl.

Click here to fill out the participation form. We will take care of the rest!