Awareness through E-learning

Awareness through E-learning

Encis is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified!

We not only manage IT, but also make sure it is safe. We have recently proven this: we are proud to say that we are ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified!

SO 27001 is a globally recognised standard in the field of information security. With ISO 27001 certification we show that we comply with all requirements in the field of information security. With NEN 7510 we show that we also meet these requirements in the healthcare sector. 

The audit days were exciting for us. Stefan van Nifterick and Dave Oosterling of MNP Solutions supervised us. Our procedures and processes were carefully checked and there were various interviews. We showed how we are doing, but above all with which safety standards we are doing this. Information security and data protection are very important issues for us. We think 'it has to work' but also 'it has to be safe'. And this is how we demonstrate this. 

A short summary of QMS International from the report: 

"The organisation has set up an information security management system based on both external demand and strong internal motivation. This system, despite its young implementation, is mature in design and existence and is supported by motivated employees and management".

Direct link to ISO 27001 certificate
Direct link to NEN 7510 certificate