We know better than anyone that the network is your company's artery. Thanks to a good network, everyone in the company can work well. Encis is qualified in building and maintaining your network. We build both simple and complex networks and ensure that it always works optimally. Whilst building and maintaining the network, we take into account costs, speed and, of course, security.

Multiple branches 

Does your company consist of several branches? Then it is important that the people in all branches are able to communicate with each other and share data. A good network ensures flawless communication.   


With VPN (Virtual Private Network) we provide secure and redirected access to the network. With a VPN you protect your data online. Thanks to a VPN it is possible to communicate from a secure internet connection with a local network.  

If you would like Encis to set up, build and maintain your network, make an appointment with us. Call +31 (0)229 - 210 072 or use our contact form. We are happy to advise you!