License management is essential for IT processes. Good software is the basis of the automation of business processes. Because we increasingly work via the cloud, software is becoming increasingly important. This software includes licences.

It is often unclear within organisations which licences exist, what form of support you are entitled to and what rights and obligations are attached to them. Because of this, management costs increase, you have no insight and you can get fines. Of course you want to avoid this and that is why good licence management is essential.  

Knowledge about software and licences 

Encis is your partner with the right knowledge about software and its licenses. IT environments are often very complex, especially when it comes to the right licensing model. Thanks to our knowledge, skills and good relationships with software suppliers, we can take care of your license management. We arrange the latest software with the right licences, thus minimising expenditure on licence contracts and ensuring that you comply with all licence conditions.   

Our specialists will be happy to help you with the right software strategy and its implementation. Would you like to have your software and licences properly arranged? Then contact us via +31 (0)229 - 210 072 or fill in the contact form.