Teams is a program within Microsoft 365. It is a communication platform that stimulates collaboration and productivity. Within Teams you can create different groups, so-called teams, in which you can easily communicate, collaborate and share files with colleagues and clients. The communication takes place via chat, online meetings and video conversations.

Easy file sharing 

Teams collaborate fully with Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The files you create in these programs can be shared with your team quickly and easily. This prevents a lot of e-mailing back and forth. In addition, you can easily find and edit files. All the documents the team needs can be found quickly and easily in Teams. It does not matter whether the file is in Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive or SharePoint.  

Work Efficiently 

With Teams you have all the information in one place, you can combine the various applications and work efficiently. In addition to the various means of communication such as chat, Teams also offers e-mail and a calendar. You can create project groups and add clients. In this way, the customer is directly involved in a project and can provide input. Adjustments can be made quickly and progress becomes clear. 

Teams ensure that your organisation can work better (together). Do you also want to communicate and work more efficiently? Encis makes this possible. Together with you, we discuss how Teams can work for you and how this can best be introduced in your organisation. We guide you through the entire process. Are you ready to work in the future? Then contact us via the contact form or call +31 (0)229 - 210 072.