VoIP from Encis is the solution for business telephony. Telephony runs via the internet, which is why VoIP telephony is also known as internet telephony. The quality of VoIP telephony is better than digital or analogue telephony. Encis can arrange the complete telephony package for you, the possibilities are endless.

Advantageous telephony solution 

VoIP is an inexpensive way of telephony. You pay a price per user and therefore do not have to make a high investment for telephony. In addition, you benefit from various advantages such as a crystal clear line, direct dial numbers, call centre solutions, call queue options and an attractive call rate. 

Quickly connected and scalable 

We can quickly and easily connect VoIP telephony to your organisation. A VoIP telephone must be connected to the internet. So there is no need for separate telephone cabling. Via VoIP you can make an unlimited number of calls over a single connection and thanks to the use of the internet you can make calls wherever you are connected. Is the team growing or is your organisation going to relocate? You can easily scale up or down and adjust VoIP. 

Complete VoIP solution 

Encis delivers and implements VoIP solutions with all associated components at your location. We deliver your virtual environment, the devices, headsets, laptops and/or all other necessary devices to make your telephony possible. We can deliver this quickly and directly from stock. Do you, for example, want to link your fixed telephony to your mobile phone? Call us on +31 (0)229 - 210 072 and we will arrange this within an hour. 

Would you also like to call your customers or business relations cheaply? Encis has the solution for you. For more information, please contact us via the contact form or call +31 (0)229 210 072.